Meet The Trippy Hippie Herself
I'm Candice Martinez, your personal travel advisor.

Spending ten years in the hospitality industry, I worked my way from a "snack shack attendant" to Food and Beverage Director at a local golf course, I developed a passion for planning and organizing events. This path led me to a position as Event Operations Manager for our local Chamber of Commerce where I was able to really develop my skills and grow my network. In 2022, Trippy Hippie Travel Company was born and I haven't looked back since. 
Specializing in crafting tailor-made adventures, I thrive on curating unique honeymoons, anniversary escapes, and family getaways where every detail is planned for you. My joy comes from building genuine connections with clients, understanding their desires, and turning dreams into reality. Let's embark on your next adventure together! 

I want to be YOUR travel agent.
Come on, let's be friends!

Welcome to our full-service travel agency, where we specialize in crafting bespoke itineraries tailored exclusively for you. And here's the best part—it won't cost you a dime! Our services are complimentary because we believe that having a dedicated travel advisor is priceless.
When you book through third-party sites, you miss out on the invaluable support and expertise of a trusted professional. With us, you'll have a seasoned guide by your side every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey.
Experience the convenience of our exclusive app, designed to keep your entire group in sync. From personalized proposals to real-time itinerary updates, you can chat directly with me to streamline the planning process and make it all about YOU!
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