Meet The Trippy Hippie Herself
Say hello to Candice Martinez

Born and raised in South Alabama, that Southern Hospitality they always talk about has been engrained in me since birth. I say "yes ma'am" and I'm gonna stand there a few extra seconds to hold the door for you. I've worked in the hospitality industry in some way or another since I was old enough to drive. I started at a local golf course working my way from "snack shack attendant" to Food and Beverage Director over a course of ten years. I then spent a couple years as Event Operations Manager for the local Chamber of Commerce before starting Trippy Hippie Travel Company in 2022. I had been planning events and group trips for years so I decided to make it my full-time business and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities it's allowed me and my family already. I enjoy working with couples to book one-of-a-kind honeymoons and anniversary trips and with families to plan getaways with special attention to the kiddos. To me, it's all about developing a relationship with my clients where they are comfortable talking to me about what they really want and need from their trip. 

I want to be YOUR travel agent.
Have a trusted professional to handle all your travel needs.

We are a full service travel agency dedicated to building custom itineraries for our clients. Did I mention our services don't cost anything? The cost for a travel advisor is already built-in to much of the travel you book online for yourself. By booking with third party sites, you miss out on having a trusted professional by your side. 

We even have an app that allows everyone in your group to see their custom proposal and itinerary to chat directly with me to help make planning easy for YOU!

Through my social media channels, I will share recent quotes, personal travel experiences, travel related reviews, pictures, trip tips, and more; so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.